All the pieces are Filigree?

At Joalharia do Carmo we sell exclusively handmade Portuguese Filigree pieces and all of them without exception are officially certified, having a stamp and a certification label that proves their authenticity.

What are Joalharia do Carmo hours?

Joalharia do Carmo is open every day from 10am to 8pm.

Is it possible to make returns?

We only exchange items of equal or greater value within 15 days of purchase. Returns are not accepted.

Do you evaluate or buy gold?

At Joalharia do Carmo we do not evaluate or buy gold.

How many carats is the gold you sell?

The gold pieces we sell are in 19.2 carat Portuguese gold.

Do you have engagement rings?

Yes, we have several models of engagement rings.

Do you have wedding rings?

Yes, we have several types of wedding rings.

Do you do repairs on pieces?

We can repair pieces that were acquired in Joalharia do Carmo. The budget for the repair is given after evaluation of the piece.

Do you make jewellery to order?

Yes, it is possible to make jewellery to order. For more information, please contact us at

Other information

For further information or additional clarifications, please contact us through the email