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In a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, history and modernity, an exclusive jewel conceals within it pleasures that are reserved for the one who owns it.

signature jewel

Designed by History and inspired by the Heart of Viana, “Carmo” is a masterpiece and an emotional legacy of Portugal. A jewel of exclusive design, which hides pleasures reserved only for those who own it.

A timeless classic, perfect for any occasion.

what could be rarer and more beautiful than a unique piece of jewellery?

No two pieces at Joalharia do Carmo are alike. Exclusively handmade, the Certified Filigree jewels with Portuguese contrast work exhibit complexity in the art of precision, a guarantee of its authenticity and a synonym of prestige and distinction.

Bearing a traditional design or a more contemporary look, where the Filigree is enhanced using sapphires or diamonds, Joalharia do Carmo today is a showcase of true Filigree. One of the most faithful representations of Portuguese folk culture is now presented to the world as the most important and distinctive symbol of Portuguese Jewellery at the only shop in Portugal that sells only Portuguese Certified Filigree.

portuguese gold

Gold is unmatched when it comes to value, whether tangible or sentimental. Portuguese gold is one of the noblest in the world due to its fineness (parts of fine gold per thousand in the alloy), with 800 parts gold per thousand, or 19.2 carats. The distinction is made through hallmarks added by the “Contrastaria”, an official body attached to the Portuguese Mint. A hallmark, impressed into the piece, certifies and gives information about the fineness of the precious metals used. At Joalharia do Carmo, all gold pieces are handmade using pure 19.2 carat Portuguese gold, and with very fine wires of, at most, 0.22mm thick, highlighting the most distinctive and honourable in the art of Certified Filigree that Portugal has to offer.

iconic jewels

In timeless classics or jewels with contemporary a design, Filigree at Joalharia do Carmo
presents as unique and certified, whose history time does not crystallize.

Heart of viana

Maltese Cross

Filigree Hoops

Princess Earrings



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Jewellery customization
Share with us what you want your Certified Filigree piece to look like. Our consultants and craftsmen will do everything they can to create it for you.

Personalized engravings
For a gift that will be eternal, our engraving service is free of charge. The personalization of an item by engraving a name, initials, or a date is included in the price. (Service available for selected models.)

Cleaning, Adjustment and Repair
Free cleaning, adjustment, and repair services for jewellery purchased at Joalharia do Carmo.


we know how special your jewel is...

To keep the characteristics of your jewel unchanged, we recommend the following care:

Avoid contact with fresh or salt water, products or chemical substances that could discolor or tarnish your jewelry.

Do not wear your jewelry while washing your hands, taking a shower, sleeping, or playing sports.

Avoid subjecting your jewelry to strong or continuous contact that could cause friction and scratch or deform it.

Keep in mind that sweat and skin pH can influence the change or loss of color of your jewelry.

When together, precious stones can be scratched or damaged. Store your jewelry separately, using the Joalharia do Carmo velvet bag to protect them.

Silver changes its color over time due to oxidation, which can result in the jewelry darkening, without affecting its quality.

Clean your jewelry gently with a chemical-free silver cleaning cloth to restore shine and remove minor tarnish.