joalharia do carmo

1924 – 2024
centenary joalharia do carmo

Founded on January 14, 1924, and accustomed, in its early decades, to hosting Lisbon’s elite, Joalharia do Carmo is now a space that showcases the most diverse of portuguese jewelry arts: Filigree.

On the centenary of its founding, Joalharia do Carmo marks its history of elegance and tradition. Celebrating the distinctive art of Filigree, the brand delves into the rich heritage of Portuguese jewelry, highlighting the technique that has become its true passion, celebrated in an exhibition at MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art from January 14 to February 4, 2024, and will be celebrated again from November to December 2024 at Roca Lisboa Gallery, in Lisbon.

In this exhibition, unique handmade jewelry crafted by artisans is displayed, combining ancestral production methods and designs with a more contemporary flair.

Joalharia do Carmo offers
Filigree workshops

Since dedicating itself exclusively to Certified Portuguese Filigree in October 2022, Joalharia do Carmo has been making its 5 stores a stage for Filigree artisans, so that the world can see the faces and hands of those behind of the jewels and the intertwining of (almost!) infinite gold and silver threads that characterise Filigree.

Holders of a distinctly Portuguese know-how, the names of the artisans from the various Artisanal Production Units are identified in the Joalharia do Carmo spaces, next to their jewellery. To further consolidate its involvement with artisans, Joalharia do Carmo will offer workshops that allow customers to discover how jewellery is made and learn the specialised techniques of Filigree masters while taking a journey through the jewellery, memories and history of the artisans in the first person, in its Rua do Carmo and Rua da Prata stores in Lisbon, on the 29th and 30th of May, respectively, throughout the day.

This 2-day public event will include live demonstrations with goldsmiths and fillers, who invite customers to use their hands and skill to produce a piece of Filigree jewellery. With the aim of preserving this exceptional Portuguese heritage, artisans work directly with clients, providing them with the benefit of their experience and skill in a dialogue between technique, tradition and creativity.

By organising the workshops, Joalharia do Carmo aims to raise awareness and promote knowledge about Certified Portuguese Filigree in an information campaign that is a testament to the brand’s commitment to the continuity of the profession and art, and the desire to offer artisans tangible future perspectives of a challenging, captivating and constantly evolving artistic profession, while ensuring that customers are presented with unique jewels in the world, entirely handmade.

Joalharia do Carmo is a member of AORP – Portuguese Jewelry and Watchmaking Association.